Why do I need the Metorik Helper plugin?

When you add a store to Metorik, it's a pretty painless process but does involve a few steps.

Firstly, we're going to get your website's URL. We'll then send you there to 'authenticate us'. That is, allow Metorik to access your data. Once you've said yes, you're brought back to Metorik and we prompt you to install the Metorik Helper WordPress plugin. So, what is it, and why do you need it?

When you have a lot of customers and orders, and we make a request to your store's WooCommerce API to get them. It can be very slow as for each customer, WooCommerce calculates the customer's total spend, order count, and last order the customer made. While we don't need this data as we calculate it in Metorik dynamically, WooCommerce still provides it and thus, getting the data is slow.

That's where the Metorik Helper comes in. It makes a few changes in WooCommerce so that the import is a lot faster.

The other reason you need the Metorik Helper is so that Metorik can stay in sync with your store. Sure, we get notified of every event that takes place, like new orders, customer changes, etc., but sometimes an order or customer may be missing, and we don't want any missing data in Metorik! So the Metorik Helper provides a couple new API endpoints to Metorik that help us figure out what data is missing.