Why can't I use the same domain for Engage for multiple stores?

If you have multiple stores connected to Metorik, you may have noticed that when setting up Engage on the 2nd store, you were unable to use the same domain name as the 1st store to send emails from.

For example, you have two stores:

1. petlight.com.au

2. wholesale.petlight.com.au

When you set up Engage for store #1 and use petlight.com.au as the domain, you wouldn't have any issues. But when setting up Engage for store #2, if you use petlight.com.au again, it won't work.

This is because Engage domain names are tied to stores in Metorik, so using the same one for multiple stores is technically not possible.

At the moment, I would recommend you use a subdomain instead. So with the above example, you could enter wholesale.petlight.com.au as the domain, and then configure the DNS settings for that subdomain.

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