Engage Guide: Sending a customer on-boarding emails

Engage makes it simple to create sophisticated on-boarding email series for new customers.

The first email

To start, create a new automation.

You should select Customers as the 'resource', and give it an appropriate title and description, like so:

Setting up the audience

With Engage, you define an audience using Metorik's segmenting system. Once a customer matches that audience for the first time, they'll receive the email.

If we wanted to send customers an email right after they become a customer, we'd create an audience like this:

You might be wondering: Won't this email every customer that has made 1 or more orders? Nope, it won't. But we'll cover that in a minute.

If you'd like, you can add more rules here, like one for the 'products purchased' by the customer or the 'total spent amount'.

Composing the message

Now it's time to write the email that will get sent to customers. You can have some fun with this one, and customise the layout used, include variables in the email (like the customer name, city, etc.), and even include a coupon if you'd like (but we'll save that for after).

Here's what I came up with:

I've personalised it by using their name, and also their shipping city.

You can then preview the email or skip straight ahead to the next step.

Activating it

On the last step, you're told that there are some customers that already match the rules/audience of the automation. Of course, we don't want to send these existing customers a welcome email. So when asked "Do you want to send the automation to them right now?", just leave the checkbox blank like so:

And then click the Activate Automation button. Going forward, as soon as a new customer matches the rules, they'll receive the welcome email automatically.

Follow-up emails

Now that you know how to create an automation, all that we need to change is the audience and message. To save some time, we can duplicate the automation from here:

To start with, edit the automation copy and give it a different title/description.

It's then time to change the audience. For the second email, we may want to send it 2 days after they joined. To do that, we can add another file for 'customer joined over 2 days ago', like so:

You'll then want to follow the steps from above. Change the message and then activate the automation without sending current matches.

Bonus Tip: Maybe in the 3rd email, sent 7 days after they joined, you want to include a coupon for their next order? You can easily add a dynamic coupon code to automations. See Engage Discounts.

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