WooCommerce: Cart Tracking Consent and GDPR

When you first enable cart tracking, you'll be presented with a Show email usage notice setting, which we recommend you enable.

When enabled, it will add a small message under the checkout's email address field (and the add to cart email popup if you've got that enabled), which lets customers know that their email and cart are saved and they may receive reminders (through Engage).

Note: If you aren't going to send automated recovery emails, you can probably keep this setting disabled.

If they click the don't email me text, Metorik will consider that an opt-out and no longer send their email and cart to Metorik, so recovery emails won't be sent to them.

When a customer does receive an abandoned cart email, like any other Metorik Engage email, they'll find an unsubscribe link at the bottom and can unsubscribe in one-click.

We do recommend adding some text to your privacy policy mentioning that you save carts and may contact users about their abandoned cart, just so users are aware.


Regarding GDPR, there is no explicit text regarding sending abandoned cart emails, but we believe it falls under the legitimate interest area. There is some good documentation on this over at Jilt (another excellent cart recovery tool).

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