Manual orders & customers with no email

When an order is manually created, it's possible that no email was set in the customer details.

As such, it becomes a guest order with no email. Without an email set, Metorik is unable to group guest orders made by the customer properly.

So your report numbers and customer profiles remain accurate, we recommend always setting an email on these manual orders.

You can do this by editing the order in WooCommerce, clicking the small edit icon near the billing details, and setting an email. Remember to save the order after.

But these are manual orders with no email - what can I set it to?

You could just set it to an email your store has, like the store's contact email, or maybe your own email.

Another option is to just create a new Gmail email address. We normally recommend doing that so you can use Gmail aliases.

That way, you could set a 'unique' email for each of these orders, but you only need to create one email address. For example, if you created the email - - you could set emails for different manual orders like:

  • etc.

Any questions or issues about this? Please send us a message.

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