Pending Order Carts

You may notice that carts which result in a PENDING (or even cancelled/failing) order, are still considered 'placed' when viewing the cart in Metorik. This is completely intentional, as the cart technically did result in a placed order, and wasn't abandoned by the customer.

Of course, you will likely want to email these customers about their pending order, so they can come back and complete it.

To do that, you should create a normal Engage orders automation. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating one for this situation.

1. Create an orders automation -

2. Add some filters/rules so we can target new pending orders:

You will likely want to add a 'delay' so it sends a few hours after the order is pending. To do that, we've added a rule for 'order created over 2 hours ago', so it only sends a couple of hours after being created.

3. Compose the email customers will get.

This part is completely up to you. Here's the message I put together:

One thing I do recommend doing is using the {pay_order_url} variable to take customers straight to the payment page for completing their order.

In the above message, I've done that by using a button (the 'target' icon in the toolbar), like so:

4. Activate it:

You're now ready to activate the automation and start emailing these customers automatically!

One thing to note regarding the stats and reports around the automation: Since it likely won't result in a new order, but rather just a completed order, we don't count it as a conversion. You'll still be able to see open and click stats for the email though.

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