WooCommerce: Does cart tracking slow down my store?

A common question we're asked about Metorik's cart tracking feature: "Does it slow down my store?"

If you've used a speed test tool like Pingdom or GTMetrix, you may be seeing slow requests related to admin_ajax caused by Metorik. For example, a URL like:


When Metorik tracks a customer's cart and sends it to Metorik for storage, it does it in the background through an 'AJAX' request. This is done after the page has loaded and only in the background, so it never impacts a customer's experience on your store. Depending on your store's server location and other factors, this could take a couple seconds. But since it's all in the background, it has no impact on your store or the customer.

Better yet, when a customer checks out, Metorik does not make any requests to send data. This is to ensure that your checkout happens as fast as possible. Since Metorik syncs data with your store through other methods, it can connect a cart to an order after the order has been placed, leaving your store as fast as possible.

Of course, cart tracking is completely optional and disabled by default.

If you notice any issues and want us to check or to chat with us about them, please send us a message and we'd be more than happy to.

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