Manually set an order to be an Engage conversion

If you know an order should be counted as a conversion for an Engage email (eg. if the customer didn't click a link from the email but told you they came because of it), it's technically possible to set the order conversion manually.

To do so, you first need to figure out what the ID of the email that triggered the conversion is. To find it, go to the email's stats page under Engage. Then check the URL. In there, you'll find a number (for example, 8).

Now that we know the email ID, it's time to set it on the order.

We'll do this by setting the _metorik_engage meta key on the order to the email ID. To set the meta, you can edit the order in Metorik. Just visit the order's page in Metorik and then click Edit in the Custom Fields area. You should then click New Item and can add it like so:

Where 8 is the ID of the email (as mentioned above).

Click Save. You'll now see it update the order's meta data and refresh the order in Metorik.

The order should now be considered a conversion for the given email. It may take a few minutes for the conversion to show up on the email's page in Metorik.

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