Metorik Integration: Zendesk

Metorik offers a 2-way integration with Zendesk.

Firstly, there's the Metorik app for Zendesk. In a few steps, you can have it set up and displaying your Metorik customer data right in Zendesk.

To begin, click the following link to install the Metorik app in your Zendesk account: Install the Metorik App

On the left of the page, hit the Install App button:

You'll then be asked for an API Token.

You can get this from your Metorik store's integration settings page:

You can choose whether you want to enable any role or group restrictions as well.

Enter that token and install.

Now go to a conversation in Zendesk. If the email of the user matches a customer or order in Metorik, an abundance of useful data about that user will appear on the right side of the conversation.

Make sure to click the Apps Button in the top right-hand corner to open the right side-bar as it's hidden by:

What you see for the customer will depend on if they're a customer or guest, and what data they've provided you (eg. phone number) and how many orders they've made.

The second part of the Zendesk integration brings Zendesk data into Metorik itself.

To start, go to your Metorik store's integration settings page. Click the Connect button for the Zendesk integration. You'll be be asked for your Zendesk API token. You can get that by going to your Zendesk profile and then the clicking the gear icon (admin) on the left and then clicking API in the left sidebar. There you'll need to create an API Token:

1. Click the toggle on the right under Token Access to enable the creation of new API tokens.

2. Click the + button to create a new API token. Be sure to save and copy the token to a safe location as Zendesk won't show you they key again for security reasons.

Copy that token to your clipboard and head back to the Integration settings in Metorik. When asked for your Zendesk API Token, enter the one you just copied like so:

You'll then be able to see conversations you've had with customers in their Metorik customer profiles and orders:

You'll also be able to start conversations with customers from Metorik customer profiles and orders:

Having issues with Metorik's Zendesk integration? Just let us know.

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