Metorik Tax Invoices & Receipts

Metorik provides tax invoices for all of your payments in addition to the automated receipts emailed to you whenever you make a payment.

You can find all your company invoices in the invoices tab of your company settings (only the owner of the company will have access to these settings).

If you need to add any extra information to your tax invoices (ie: full business name, VAT number or address of record) this can be added in the 'Extra Billing Information' section:

This information will then automatically be included at the top of all your invoices:

Changing where receipts are emailed to

Whenever you are billed each month or year, we'll email you a receipt automatically. By default this email is sent to the company owner's email, but you can set it to send to a custom email address in the invoice settings here.

GST for Australians

As Metorik is an Australian company, we are required to collect GST from Australian customers. This went into effect on October 1, 2019. While we currently charge in USD, we will show the GST portion on your invoice in AUD, like so:

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