Order and Subscription Notes

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What is an order note?

An order note serves two main functions:

  1. They automatically log any action that has taken place regarding a specific order such as payment and shipping details.
  2. They allow you to log manual entires that are specific to the order.

WooCommerce order/subscription notes

In WooCommerce, you will find any order/subscription notes on the individual order/subscription page. You can also add a note here as well.

You can also add a note directly within Metorik by heading to the order/subscription page in Metorik:

Use the dropdown to choose if the note should be private (just for internal use) or a customer note. If you choose a customer note, WooCommerce should send them an email (this is completely seperate to Metorik).

Shopify order notes

In Shopify, you will find all order notes in the timeline section on the individual order page (located at the bottom of the page):

These will also show on the individual order page in Metorik:

Since at the time of writing this post, Metorik doesn't support Shopify subscriptions, you won't be able to see subscription notes.

Exporting notes

Currently, Metorik does not store order/subscription notes, but rather only displays them. Therefore order/subscription notes are viewable in all your individual order/subscription pages, but cannot be exported or used to segment data.

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