WooCommerce Order and Subscription Notes


What is a WooCommerce order/subscription note?

A WooCommerce order/subscription notes serve two main functions:

  1. They automatically log any action that has taken place regarding a specific order such as payment and shipping details.
  2. They allow you to log manual entires that are specific to the order.

Can I export or segment by order/subscription notes?

Currently Metorik does not store order/subscription notes, but rather only display them. Therefore order/subscription notes are viewable in all your individual order/subscription pages, but cannot be exported or used to segment data.

You are however able to add order/subscription notes from your Metorik individual order/subscription pages: 

Use the dropdown to choose if the note should be private (just for internal use) or a customer note. If you choose a customer note, WooCommerce should send them an email (this is completely seperate to Metorik).

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