How do I enable the legacy WooCommerce API?

If you come across an error after connecting Metorik to your WooCommerce store when it's testing the connection, it may be because the legacy WooCommerce API is not enabled on your store.

To confirm if this is the reason, you can go to (change to your website URL). If you see an error like this, the legacy API is disabled:

{"errors":{"code":"woocommerce_api_disabled","message":"The WooCommerce API is disabled on this site"}}

To enable it, head to your store's WordPress admin. Then go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Legacy API and check the option for enabling it:

Metorik should now be able to finish connecting to your site.

If you'd like, you can disable the legacy API after connecting. Later we will be making it optional but currently it is required.

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