Metorik can't write (POST) data to your store

If you find that Metorik is unable to write (make POST/PUT requests) to your store, for example, Metorik can't:

  • Update order statuses.
  • Create its webhooks.
  • Enable cart tracking.
  • Create coupons.

It's likely one of three issues:

1. Metorik's read/write API key has been changed on your side to just read.

To fix this, change it back to read/write.

2. A security plugin blocking WRITE requests.

You may have a security plugin on your site that allows Metorik to make read requests but won't let it make write requests. Check the settings for it and see if you can disable this or if not, contact us and we can confirm this is the issue and provide further instructions for whitelisting Metorik.

3. A server/hosting configuration is blocking WRITE requests.

If it's not a plugin causing it, it's likely a server or hosting configuration. It could be a rule that is blocking write requests, or perhaps a trailing slash redirect sending POST API requests to a 404.

In all cases, it's normally easiest to contact us when you find this issue happening and we can try diagnose the issue and point you in the right direction to fix it.

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