Why do I have to pay more for Metorik as my store grows?

Metorik's pricing is based off how many orders your store has a month. For example, a store with 50 orders/month pays less than a store with 5,000 orders/month.

Sometimes customers ask us: "Why do I have to pay more for Metorik as my store grows?"

Back when Metorik was first built, I put a lot of thought into the pricing model. I wanted to come up with a model that ensured every store had access to the same features. Personally I felt like smaller stores could benefit from using the same tools as bigger stores, so I knew early on I didn't want to have multiple pricing tiers based off features alone.

Charging based off orders made a lot of sense when I realised that our costs (for servers, sending emails, and support) are aligned with the number of orders a store has. A store with 50 orders/month costs less to provide the service for then a store with 5,000 orders/month. This is pretty similar to how other services are priced, for example MailChimp, Churn Buster, or even a mobile/internet company that charges based off data used.

I understand if this is frustrating for some store owners, but it's a model that we've found is fair for most customers and has allowed us to grow the company and product without compromising on quality. There may be other apps out there that don't charge in this way so we'd encourage you to use them if you're uncomfortable with Metorik's pricing model, as the last thing we'd want is for you to be an unhappy Metorik customer!

- Bryce (Metorik Founder)

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