See how many new customers you've had in a given period

Most store owners will be interested to know how many new customers they have acquired in a given period. You can use Metorik to easily find this number out.

One thing you may have already noticed is that there are two new customer figures in Metorik, one in the customers report, and one in the orders report. While these figures are similar, they have some subtle differences that are important to understand when analysing your data.

New customers in the customers report

The customers report gives you a number of different insights into your customers. And just like any other report in Metorik, you can change the date in the top right corner to select the period you want to analyse. For this example, I'll pick April 2019:

You can see that in April 2019, we had 57 new customers join our store. These 57 customers went on to make 63 orders in any month going forward (including April). To view these 57 customers individually (or to export them),  click on the 'view customers in this report' button in the top right corner.

This will take you to the customers page and apply the segment the customer report uses to get the new customers figure:

And as you can see, the filters applied are:

  • Customers that joined in April.
  • Who spent more than $0 (optionally - depends on your report settings)

If we want to see which of those customers actually made their first purchase in April 2019, we can add the first ordered filter:

As you can see, 55 of the 57 customers that joined in April 2019, actually made an order in April. The other 2 made their first order in May 2019:

New customers in the orders report

If you scroll down in the orders report, you will see the New vs, Returning Customers section:

Notice that for the same time period (April 2019), this report is showing 55 new customers in the period, which is different from the 57 shown in the customers report.

This is because the orders report is showing new customers that joined in that period, that actually went on to order in that period, ie: the customers from the first list above:

And the customers that joined in April, that only ordered later in the year, won't be shown in this report.

When to use each report?

  • If you want to look at the entire cohort of new customers in a given time period, and see how many orders they have made over their lifetime, use the customers report.
  • If you want to see orders made by new customers in a given time period, use the orders report.

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