WooCommerce: Metorik Helper plugin causing 403 errors

If soon after installing the Metorik Helper plugin you see 403 errors on your site, it's likely because of the cookies Metorik sets for tracking the source of customers / tracking carts.

Depending on your hosting setup, it's possible that you have a firewall in place that stops the cookies from being set. We've seen this is often caused specifically by ModSecurity and the rules it has in place.

So we'd suggest disabling the Metorik Helper plugin temporarily, then contacting your host to check if ModSecurity is installed and see if you can adjust it so it does not return 403 errors when the Metorik Helper plugin sets cookies.

These are the specific cookies we set that may be related:

  • sbjs_current
  • sbjs_current_add
  • sbjs_first
  • sbjs_first_add
  • sbjs_session
  • sbjs_udata
  • sbjs_promo

Of course, we'd love to help you track down the issue though and work with you to solve it, so please reach out for assistance.

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