Guide: Reminders

Whilst Metorik doesn't have a specific feature for setting Reminders about Customers it is actually possible to do this using Custom Field Dates

Add Reminder as a Custom Field

Let's say you want to Remind yourself that you need to email a Customer on the 4th of January.

From a Customer Profile page in Metorik you can add a new Custom Field under the Custom Field section after clicking the edit icon on the right.

We recommend using a prefix such as remind_ so that they can easily be distinguished from other Custom Fields you may have in your store.

You can add as many different ones as you like

Set up Reminders

Now we have the fields added we are able to Segment on them from Customers page, so for example we have Customers who need a Call in the next 7 days.

We can then Save this segment as a Saved Segment for easy access and for setting up the reminder.

You have 2 options here with getting these reminders.  You can set up a standard Recurring Export which would give you a CSV export of all the Customers like any other Export or you can use a Digest which gives an overview.  Both options would work.

With Digests you can set up a Custom Digest to send to you/whole team/custom emails at any of the following intervals Daily/Weekly/Monthly.

So lets get a Weekly Digest for all the Customers that need either a Email, Call or a Sample Sending in the next 7 days by setting up a Custom Digest.  If you are not sure how to set up a Custom Digest then there is an article here.

So in this example we want add 3 saved segments to our Custom Digest which I've called Need to Call, Need to Email and Need to Send Sample

And this gives us a Weekly Digest that looks like this... with lists all all the Customers that need looking at in the next 7 days.

Of course if you need to make more in-depth Comments about the details of the Call/Email etc you can always add them to the Private Custom notes on the Customers page.

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