WooCommerce: What should I do if I'm migrating my hosting?

When migrating hosting providers for a store connected to Metorik, there isn't much that you need to do. Generally we will just automatically connect to the 'migrated store' once it's done moving, just like your customers would.

However, to be safe, you may wish to take the following steps:

  1. Make sure you port over your actual data/the entire database from your existing site. The WordPress IDs of all your WooCommerce resources (orders, customers, products, etc.) should remain the same when moving sites.
  2. Do a full backup of your site and database before. That way you will have a backup of everything in case anything goes wrong during the migration.
  3. Disconnect your store from Metorik before the migration happens. You can do that by going to the connection settings page and clicking the view app link. That will take you to Metorik's API key page in your store's admin. You can then click the delete button to delete Metorik's API key.
  4. Once the migration is complete and the site is live on the new host, you can reconnect Metorik from the connection settings page.

If you have any questions or concerns about migrating hosts, please reach out to us and we'll be able to help.

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