WooCommerce: Abandoned carts mixing user data

Depending on how your WooCommerce store is set up on your server, you may experience an issue with carts and user sessions being mixed between users. This is generally caused by a cacheing or optimization plugin / server configuration.

Specifically, we've seen this happen with mis-configured redis object cache setups, but it could be caused by having multiple cacheing systems interfering with each other. An example of this problem can be found here.

While this isn't an issue caused by Metorik and could be experienced by your site visitors even if you weren't using Metorik, it would impact the cart data that we store and if not fixed, may result in incorrect emails being sent to customers.

To fix this, we'd suggest checking what type of cacheing you have set up on your store. One recommended method of debugging is to temporarily deactivate cache-related plugins one-by-one to see if the problem is solved after deactivating a certain one.

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