Does Metorik work with all eCommerce platforms?

Two questions we get asked often...

  • I don't use WooCommerce, can I use Metorik with.....Platform X?
  • Does Metorik have an API?

Now although Metorik only has official integrations for WooCommerce and Shopifyit is technically possible to use Metorik if you are using a different 3rd party platform.

How can I use Metorik with my platform

You can set up a hidden/ghost WooCommerce install and just import your data to it, you'll then be able to sync-up with Metorik!

This is just the same as setting up a normal WooCommerce install, but you would simply import your store's data and hide the site.

  • You can use the built-in CSV import feature that WooCommerce has to easily import your platforms exported data.
  • (Developer level) You can use the WooCommerce API to import your data into WooCommerce. If you're running WooCommerce Subscriptions, you will also want to use the WooCommerce Subscriptions API to import subscriptions.

That's all that we require.

A quick way to try this out would be to import a test order into the WooCommerce store, and then you'll be able to import the store into Metorik.

Tip: For the CSV importing approach, adding a single Product, Customer and Order from the WooCommerce Admin and then exporting it, will give you a great CSV template for matching up your store's data for importing.

The above technique uses WooCommerce as an example but you can do the same with importing/getting the data into Shopify and then connecting the 'ghost' Shopify store to Metorik.

Of course, if you have any questions/issues about this, just drop us a message and we can help out.

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