Tax Reports

Metorik features a variety of tools to let see you how much tax you are collecting in orders and under what tax codes/amounts.

To find our main tax report, visit the revenue report and scroll to the bottom.

There you will see a report showing revenue grouped by:

  • Tax Rate Code
  • Tax Rate Label

For Shopify stores, instead of revenue grouped by tax rate code, you'll see revenue grouped by tax rate (eg. 0.1 for 10%):

You'll find 6 columns of data for each tax rate:

  • Orders - the number of orders made.
  • Net Tax - total tax less refunded tax.
  • Refunded Tax - the amount of tax refunded (more on this below).
  • Total Tax - total tax collected.
  • Cart Tax - tax collected on the cart items themselves.
  • Shipping Tax - tax collected on shipping itself.

Refunded tax

This is the amount of tax refunded to customers. This can only be calculated for refunds that have tax information for us to use.

For WooCommerce, tax info may not be there when an order is fully refunded - it depends how you performed the refund in WooCommerce.

Segmenting orders by tax

If you click on the number of orders in the tax report for a certain tax rate, it will automatically apply the necessary segment on the orders page to view the matching orders.

You can also segment by tax rate on the orders page yourself, like so:

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