How can I add an avatar/logo to my Engage emails?

When using Engage to email your customers, it's important that customers can recognise the email is from you as quickly as possible. Of course, having your name or your business name, along with your business email, as the 'sender', is going to help. But if the avatar/logo showing next your name is just a blank one, it can make it harder for your customers to recognise the email is from you.

It is not possible to set this avatar/logo from Metorik, as the email apps (such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.) don't get it from us. Instead, they have their own method to try figure out what the avatar/logo should be.

Avatars shown in Gmail

Gmail uses a variety of methods to try get the avatar/logo to display. If the email exists in Google, it will try use the avatar set in the Google or matching G-Suite account.

If you didn't have an account under the email, you could try create one using this link. Then verify the account and upload an avatar/logo for the profile picture in your Google account settings.

Another method Gmail uses these days is your BIMI configuration.

BIMI stands for β€œBrand Indicators for Message Identification.” It is an email specification made for controlling which brand logos are used within supporting email clients. You can search for more information on BIMIs or check out this guide on BIMI and how to set it up.

Avatars shown in Outlook, Apple Mail, and other email clients

BIMI (mentioned above) also comes into play with these other email clients. However, another method you can use is to create a Gravatar for the email address, as these email clients will sometimes display the avatar from there. You can set up a Gravatar for your email here.

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