Linking to WooCommerce PDF Invoices from Engage Emails

If you're using the free PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce plugin to generate PDF invoices for your orders, you may want to include a link to the PDF from your Engage emails.

Right now this only works for the above PDF invoices plugin. If you're using another popular one that you'd like us to support, let us know and we can see if it's possible.

Step 1 - In WooCommerce

To do so, start by installing and setting up the PDF Invoices plugin if you haven't already.

Then go to your WordPress admin and to the WooCommerce > PDF Invoices settings page. Then click the Status tab.

On this page, you'll need to check the  Allow guest access setting:

Now that this is checked, it's time to add a link to the PDF in your Engage emails.

First you'll want to build an automation. To save time, you can create from a template such as the 'order marked processing' template:

Then on the Message page, you can add a link to the invoice.

To save time, we've created a variable you can use that will link directly to the invoice.

Just insert the {wcpdf_invoice_url} variable and we'll replace it with a link to the invoice.

We'd recommend clicking the button button:

And then adding a button linking to the invoice:

Which will create a button in your email like this linking to the invoice:

Of course, you don't need to add it as a button. You could instead create a regular link and use {wcpdf_invoice_url} as the link.

You must be using this specific plugin for it to work. If you use a different PDF plugin and want to link to PDF invoices from it, send us a message with an example PDF invoice link from your store and we can try help you build a link to it using variables.

Note: You cannot add the PDF as an attachment to your Engage emails yet. It's only possible to link to it.

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