Splitting large exports into smaller exports

When exporting data from Metorik like orders, we'd recommend keeping individual exports to under 1,000,000 pieces of data at a time.

Technically you are able to export more than that, but larger exports are likely to fail as they take too long for us to process and eventually time out.

Fortunately it's quite easy to split up a large export into several smaller exports ones by using our segmenting system.

So if for example you wanted to export all of your orders, but had a large amount like ~1.5m orders:

We'd recommend splitting it into 2 exports by adding a filter. The filter you use is up to you and depends on your needs, but an easy one to use is the order ID filter (another useful filter for orders would be order created). It can take a few guesses to find the right one to use as order IDs are not always sequential, but in this case, I noticed the latest order ID was #2821262:

So I added a filter for Order ID greater than 1800000, which reduced the export to ~800,000 orders:

An export this size may still take several hours to complete and email to you, but you can monitor the progress on the recent exports page.

To get even faster exports, try split up the export into several smaller ones like groups of 250,000 orders.

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