Sending automatic emails on a customer's birthday or anniversary

Using Metorik Engage, it's possible to send automatic emails to customers on their birthday or another anniversary date.

First, you'll want to try store the date under a customer's custom field. For this filter to work correctly you must have the dates stored in the proper date format:  YYYY-MM-DD.

So for example 12th of June 2020 would be stored as: 2020-06-12

There's more info and example code on storing this date in the help doc here.

The year does not matter here as the filter is only based off the date being today.

Once the birthday is stored in a customer's custom fields, you can segment on it from the customers page and automate emails based on it.

To send an automatic email, first go to the Engage automations page and create a new customers automation.

For the audience, you'll want to first select the custom field for the birthday or anniversary you want to email based. Then check the Date box and choose anniversary from the dropdown.

You can also automate emails based on another date field like the customer's join date or their first order date.

You can then save the audience, write the message, and activate the automation.

Metorik will then automatically email customers when they match the filters.

To make sure that the customer receives the email each year on the birthday/anniversary, check the send multiple times option in the extra settings:

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