How can I enable 2FA on my account?

Start by going to your  personal settings here.

At the bottom, you'll find a 2FA section:

Before you continue, ensure that you have a two-factor authentication app installed on your phone. If you don't have a preference, here are some that we'd recommend:

When you're ready, click the  Enable button. This will open up a dialog:

In your 2FA app, find the add an account section. It should then open up the camera on your phone. With that, scan the QR code displayed. Your app will then give you a 6 digit code.

Enter that code into the dialog and if you've entered it correctly, it'll verify it and close the dialog.

You're not done yet though! The next part is pretty important. After setting up 2FA, you're given an emergency reset token. Please write this down and keep it somewhere safe. If you ever lose your 2FA device or are unable to get the code from it, you'll be able to enter this to disable 2FA on your account.

OK, now you're done.

Next time you login, you'll be prompted for your 2FA code.

If you use to login and have 2FA set up (in Metorik), you'll still be prompted for your 2FA code.

Disabling 2FA

Disabling two-factor authentication on your Metorik account is quite easy too. Simply go to your account settings here, and head to the 2FA area down the bottom. You can then click the disable button to immediately remove 2FA from your account.

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