Metorik Guides

We've put together a collection of helpful guides and tutorials to help you get the most out of Metorik.

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Creating a daily email of your best & worst selling products

Creating an automated vendor sales summary email

Creating a daily email with low stock products

Reminder notifications sent to your email


Emailing your customers on their birthday

Emailing customers on the anniversary of their first order

Automatically emailing customers after a purchase asking for a product review

Sending automated refund email notifications to customers


Export paying customers from a certain country


Seeing sales broken down by brand for WooCommerce


Find products that are frequently purchased together

Comparing the performance of different products and variations

Set weight based shipping costs


Find the top ten days of the year for sales in your store

Calculating new and returning customers

Using the revenue report

Using the orders report


How to find customers that spent over a certain amount in a certain period of time

How to filter your order report by SKU

Finding your top spending customers from a certain country

Tag and filter groups of customers


Calculating deferred MRR per product for WooCommerce subscriptions

Track conversion rate of trial customers to paying customers

Calculating future renewal revenue from active WooCommerce subscriptions

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