Fixing Cloudflare 520 Errors

This help doc only applies to WooCommerce stores using Metorik.

If you're using  Cloudflare and see a 520 error with your site shortly after connecting Metorik, it may be because of the cookies that Metorik adds to your site - more on that here.

These cookies are used for tracking where customers come from, abandoned carts, Engage conversions, and other features.

If you're using a few other plugins that are also using cookies, there may be too many on your site for Cloudflare to handle, as they have a limit on the header request size.

When this happens, you have a couple options:

1. Temporarily disable other plugins that may be adding large cookies to your site and see if the errors stop.

2. Or you could disable Metorik's source tracking feature. You will lose out on a lot of source tracking and conversion related data by doing this, but at least will be able to use Metorik. To do this, add this code to your  functions.php or a plugin like Functionality:

add_action( 'wp_print_scripts', 'mtk_helper_dequeue_scripts' );
function mtk_helper_dequeue_scripts() {

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