Reports Segmenting

One of the main features of Metorik is the Segmenting Tool which can be used on the Orders, Customers, Products pages, you can now also segment the main reports and cohorts by hundreds of different filters and generate completely custom reports.

From the Reports navigation area, you can select any of the reports as you would normally do.

For example the Orders report, and then at the top of each report you will see a Segment Report button

Clicking on this will bring up the segmenting feature where you can select from the drop-down any of the different options to filter the report on.

For example, here we can look at the Orders report, and then filter down on just customers that are of a certain Customer Role.

Once you click on the Segment orders button, the report will automatically update to only show the stats for that particular filter.

You will also notice the ONLY SUCCESSFUL ORDERS check box at the top, which if you hover over it will show you what your store has set to include in the reports as per your store reports settings.

(Unchecking that box will remove all those conditions.)

The Customer based reports have a similar checkbox

This also relates to your store reports settings as to what type of Customers to include in the reports.

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