Shopify: Permissions required for Metorik

When you connect a Shopify store to Metorik, the first thing we'll do is request permission to access your store:

On this page in Shopify, you'll find a number of permissions requested by us. In this help doc, we'll explain why we request each permission and how it's used in the app.

View Customers:

Metorik needs to be able to view customers in order to provide customer reports, customer profiles, customer segmenting, customer exporting, and more.

View Orders:

Similarly, Metorik needs to be able to view orders and each order's details in order to provide order reports, single order pages, order segmenting, order exporting, and more.

View Products:

Metorik needs to be able to view products, collections, and inventory, in order to provide product reports, single product pages, product segmenting, and product exporting.

For collections, we sync these too in order to provide collection reports, showing your sales by collection, most-purchased collections, exporting collections, and various other features like segmenting products by collection.

Inventory is used for segmenting products by inventory, and inventory-related reports like the total value of stock on hand, stock forecasting, and more.

Edit Other Data:

Metorik needs this permission to create price rules / discounts when sending automated emails to customers. We will only create price rules when you specifically set them up in an automation and send emails with discounts included.

Edit Your Online Store:

Metorik needs this permission in order to install our Metorik.js script tag on your store. This script is light-weight and serves a few purposes, including tracking the source of customers for source/attribution reports and tracking conversions from emails you send from Metorik.

This script's code can be viewed at any time here.

There is no visual change to your site at all - our script code just runs silently in the background to detect and remember source and session information for attribution and conversion tracking.

View and Sync Discounts:

Metorik requires this permission for the discount/price rule reports, where you can see discount usage, sales generated, and more for a specific discount or all discounts.

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