My product images aren't loading

If you're seeing something like this in Metorik where your product images should be:

It likely means that your site is preventing image hot-linking.

This may have be done intentionally by you or may be done through a security plugin you have. To test what's causing it, we'd suggest you temporarily disable any security plugins you're using to see if that fixes it, and add an exception in them for

Alternatively, if you're using a service like Cloudflare, they may be blocking hot-linking. It's suggested that you disable this so Metorik can load your product images. According to Cloudflare, you can disable it by:

Visit the ScrapeShield app in the CloudFlare dashboard at

Another reason may be because your image URLs changed, perhaps due to a CDN change or similar. If that's the case, you can try reimport all your products from the store connection settings page.

Contact us for more help with this if needed.

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