WooCommerce: Why do I have so many cancelled orders?

While this doesn't really have to do with Metorik, as the orders come into our system from your WooCommerce store, we do see a trend where stores can generate a lot of cancelled orders without much explanation as to why.

To start, you should take a look at some of the cancelled orders' order notes, found on each order page in Metorik: A common note seems to be the following:

Unpaid order cancelled - time limit reached.

As the note implies, this may be caused by an order being started by a customer but never paid for or complete.

You may want to try to tweak your store's product stock settings. This can help reduce unpaid orders, as depending on these settings, WooCommerce can create pending orders to hold the stock of a product (and prevent it from being sold to another customer while the order is pending).

If you do find that cancelled orders seem to be cluttering your data, make sure that you're excluding them from reports by adding Cancelled to the statuses Metorik excludes in your store's settings:

You may also wish to delete all cancelled orders in your WooCommerce settings, so cancelled orders don't count towards your monthly average orders in Metorik, but it can be useful to have a record of all the cancelled orders, so we'd recommend you don't delete them.

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