Is Metorik Secure?

If you're running an ecommerce store, it pays to be paranoid. The same applies to Metorik on a much larger scale. Security has been a consideration from day one, ensuring that the entire Metorik process from day one is safe for you both you and your store.

So, what are some of the ways we do this?

  • Metorik app and front end only use SSL.
  • Your store data that Metorik has is stored in its own isolated database, separate from any other store using Metorik.
  • When you connect your store, we use OAuth so you never have to copy/paste keys to access your store.
  • Keys for your store are transmitted securely over SSL and encrypted from the moment we receive them.
  • You're also able to revoke/delete a WooCommerce API key on your end at any time, removing Metorik's access to your store.
  • Metorik's helper plugin that you install on your site is open-source (you can read the code!) and lightweight.
  • All backups of data in Metorik are completely separate for each store's data and encrypted.
  • Any store data transmitted between Metorik and your site is done automatically in the background over SSL.
  • Your data is not shared with or handled by any other services or companies. Everything is done right in Metorik, from searching, to filtering, to exporting, to everything else.
  • None of your customer credit card information or anything that sensitive is handled by Metorik.
  • Metorik itself is a small team, which limits the number of people with any access to your store. But even in that case, your store data would only ever be accessed when you're in need of assistance from us.
  • 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) login is possible and highly encouraged. You can also review which of your team members have enabled it.
  • There are regular security reviews of all Metorik servers and components.
  • Metorik's 'team' functionality keeps your site more secure as you don't need to hand out admin access to your site's WordPress admin (which leaves you vulnerable), since any team members can just be added to Metorik instead (and given limited access through Metorik's 'roles' feature).
  • You can delete your store from Metorik at any time. Just let your trial/subscription lapse and it will be auto-removed, or you contact us to have it done immediately. We also do not store any individual data after you stop using Metorik.
  • Your payment information (for paying for Metorik) is completely secure and handled by our payment provider Stripe.
  • There are additional undisclosed precautions that have been taken by Metorik.

If you have any other questions, concerns, or want to clarify anything listed on this page, please let us know.

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