WooCommerce: Can I turn off Metorik's webhooks that are set up for my store?

Webhooks are how Metorik knows about changes on your site the moment they happen. When a new order is made, a 'webhook' is sent to Metorik that tells it about the new order. When a customer updates their address, a 'webhook' is sent to Metorik that tells it about the customer's change.

They are needed for Metorik to stay in sync with your store in real-time.

Performance issues for large stores

Large stores with multiple orders and changes every minute can experience performance issues caused by webhooks.

Mainly this is due to some issues in WooCommerce when it calculates a customer's total spend/order count. Since Metorik doesn't need this data, Metorik actually disables the calculation during imports. But since webhooks happen constantly, and other apps may need WooCommerce to calculate the customer's total spend / order count, we don't disable it all the time.

Another reason webhooks can cause issues is they use the WP Cron system by default and it can get flooded and slow down your site.

Can webhooks be disabled?

You have a few options:

1. Leave everything as it is.

2. Disable some or all webhooks, and Metorik's backup data syncing methods will get new data & all changes within 10 minutes of them happening.

To do this, start by visiting the store connection settings here. To disable just some webhooks, click on the ones you want to disable and then delete or change the status of them in WooCommerce. To disable all webhooks, use the Disable Webhooks button:

3. Disable the total spent / order count calculations in WooCommerce all the time (can help with the general performance of your store too). You can do that by adding the code here to your site in a custom plugin, the functions.php file of your theme, or with a plugin like Functionality. Please let us know if you need help doing this. This may not actually solve it if performance issues are cron-related.

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