How many times will a customer receive an automation email?

This help doc only applies to automations.

By default, an automation will only be 'triggered/run' for a single customer once. So they will only ever receive that automation's email one time, even if they meet the rules again later on.

But if you'd like, it's possible to send to customers multiple times. To do so, simply enable the Send automations multiple times setting, when creating your automation:

This setting is only available for customer and subscription automations.

With it enabled, automations trigger like so:

  1. A customer or subscription meets the rules and gets the email.
  2. They stop meeting the rules.
  3. They meet the rules again and get the email again.

Let's illustrate this with a  subscription automation, which has the following rule:

So we want an email to be sent when the next payment is in the next 5 days. Basically, 5 days before the payment each month (presuming our subscriptions renew monthly).

If we did not enable the send automations multiple times setting, the subscription would only get the email on the first month. When the second month came around and it met the rules again, it wouldn't receive a second email.

But if we do enable it, it goes a bit like this:

  1. July 2017: The subscription meets the rule 5 days before the next payment and gets the email.
  2. It stops matching the rule.
  3. August 2017: The subscription meets the rules again and gets another email.
  4. This keeps happening as long as the subscription keeps having new next payment dates

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