WooCommerce: Subscription Plans Report

The subscription plans report starts by getting all of your:

  • Subscription product
  • Subscription variation products

And then for each product/variation, it will get the stats for it for every month your store has existed.

Subscription counts

We are counting the quantity of subscriptions for each product. So if a customer started a single subscription with these items and quantities in it:

  1. Product A x 2
  2. Product B x 1

Product A would have 2 subscriptions in the plans report, and Product B would have 1.

Using It

At the top of the report you can toggle between seeing MRR and Active Subscriptions.

The numbers in this report are for the end of the respective month. If you're looking at the today column, that's the MRR / active subscriptions as of today. While the other columns, for example July 2019, have the MRR / active subscriptions at the end of the month (eg. end of July 2019).

To see other months, just scroll horizontally within the table. A trick to make this easier is to click within the table and then use your keyboard's arrow keys to scroll horizontally.


If you click the export button at the top right of the report, it will export the same data you see in the table. So if you're looking at MRR, the export will include MRR stats for each month.

Per-plan MRR

With the per-plan MRR, it's calculated by looking at the line item total for the product. So this number won't include subscription-level shipping, or cart-wide ($) discounts, taxes (unless included in total), etc.

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