Setting up URL searching with Google Chrome

Metorik has a little-known feature that can really improve your workflow if you're constantly searching your store's data.

If you add ?q=xx to any resource URL like or - where xx is what you want to search for - the search will automatically be done for you.

This can also be combined with other apps and ways to search, like Google Chrome's built-in search engine functionality.

You can set it up in Google Chrome by going to the search engine settings here.

Then click the Add button to add a new custom search engine.

Now you can may want to set this up for multiple 'resources', but here I'm going to show you how to do it just for Customers. Simply repeat the process but change the search engine name and URL if you want to do it for other resources like Orders or even Products.

Fill in the add search engine dialog like so (feel free to customise the value of Search engine and Keyword):

Search engine - Metorik Customers

Keyword - metorik


And then hit Save.

Now you can simply type metorik in the URL field and then hit the tab button on your keyboard to start a Metorik Customers search.

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