Inserting Images in Engage emails


To keep things simple, Metorik Engage doesn't handle image uploading or storing. Instead, when you want to insert an image into an Engage message, you simply enter the URL of an image.

Where you decide to host the image is completely up to you, but we recommend storing it in the  Media Library of your store. 

After uploading an image to your Media Library, select it and then copy the URL of it.

Then in Metorik Engage's message editor, click the Image icon in the toolbar:

It will open up a dialog, prompting you to enter the URL of the image. Enter it in the box and then click the Insert button.

It will then insert the image into the editor:

If you'd like to resize or change the alignment of the image, you can do so by simply clicking it and then using the tools that appear, like so:

Linking images

It's also possible to make an image into a link. Simply highlight the image and then click the link button, like so:

Note: Keep in mind that you should not delete the images you've insert into Engage. If they're deleted or the image URL changes, the image will not appear in emails your customers receive.

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