Sending Limits

Currently, there is no set monthly limit for the number of Engage emails you send.

However, as we are introducing broadcasts soon, there will be an overall monthly send limit, depending on the size of your plan. Most stores will not hit this unless they send a huge amount of emails, but if they do, they'll be able to pay for additional email credits.

Engage has some time limits in place on the number of emails we send every 10 minutes, 60 minutes, and day. This is in order to:

  1. Protect your domain's sending reputation.
  2. Keep your emails going to the inbox (and not SPAM).
  3. Keep emails arriving in inboxes as quickly as possible after they're sent.

This also ends up protecting your site from sudden unexpected surges of traffic, which could be caused by 1000's of an emails being sent instantly sending customer to your store.

If you find that emails are not sending fast enough for you, we may be able to increase the limit. Please send us a message so we can try help.

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