My store fails the importing test

During the process to add a store to Metorik, you may run into an issue during the import's testing stage, where it tests that the keys Metorik has for your store actually work. This can happen for a number of reasons, but typically, it's due to either:

  • A security plugin blocking Metorik from accessing your site. Try deactivate any you have to see if that's the case.
  • A plugin breaking the WooCommerce API on your site. Please see the list of plugins that break the WooCommerce API below.
  • We need your site to have HTTPS, as in some case's its the only way we can connect to your site. If you already have it, but it's a self-signed certificate, you may need to replace it with a proper functioning one. We recommend the free and best option - Let's Encrypt.
  • Your server has PHP running as FCGI, as it can stop your server from understanding our requests. You can check with your host about this and try not using FCGI, but often this is fixed by your site having HTTPS, so that may be an easier solution.

When in doubt,  contact Metorik support and we'll walk you through it and solve any issues you're having.

Plugins that may cause issues (try deactivating and then re-connecting your store to be sure):

  • Intense Plugin (breaks the WC API's products endpoint)
  • Upload Quota per User (breaks the WC API's endpoints - says unauthenticated when authenticated)
  • Flipbook plugin (breaks the WC API's products endpoint sometimes)

You may run into an issue caused by a firewall on your end added by a security plugin.

If so, make sure that the WordPress API endpoints are not being blocked. In Sucuri for example, you can whitelist these endpoints like so: