Why don't the totals in WooCommerce reports match Metorik reports?

You'll likely find that the totals in WooCommerce reports don't match the totals in Metorik reports. This is due to a number of reasons, which we'll outline below:

  • Multiple currencies - the rates we're using may not match the rates your store is using. Both amounts will be inaccurate, so it's recommended you filter your data by currency to get the raw, more accurate amounts.
  • Timezones - as the document explains, Metorik handles timezones a little bit better than WooCommerce, especially in cases where your store's timezone has changed over time.
  • Excluded order statuses - Metorik allows you to customise the order statuses excluded from reports (unlike WooCommerce), so if you're excluding statuses besides failed and cancelled, it's likely that the report totals won't match up as WooCommerce is including statuses that you've excluded.
  • Net sales - Metorik allows you to customise what should be deducted from gross sales to determine net sales, unlike WooCommerce.
  • Guests treated as customers - Metorik treats guests as customers, so your customer numbers will almost definitely be higher in Metorik. We also give you control in the store settings over whether or not customers that haven't made any orders should be included in reports. More on the difference between guests and customers here.

If you feel like there's something else causing the totals not to match and want us to take a look, just let us know.