About Source Tracking

Through the  Metorik Helper plugin, Metorik tracks where your customers come from and the UTM tags present when they come to your site. The data it tracks is used in the sources report and also available to you in the order filters and exports.

This data is only tracked from the moment you installed the Metorik Helper plugin on your site, since WooCommerce itself doesn't track it so we have no way of getting the historical source data.

Both the Referrer/Source and the UTM params are stored in your user's browsers for 6 months.

Here are some definitions and explanations for them:

Referrer or Source: The 'HTTP Referrer/URL' that they came from before coming to your site. We only remember the first source, so if in the following 6 months they come from a new source, that is ignored. This isn't always available and accurate, since some websites won't tell your store where the user came from or the user may be blocking this kind of tracking through their browser.

UTM Params: These are 'url parameters' that you'd manually be adding to your links. This way, when a customer comes to your site and has these in the URL (eg. yourstore.com?utm_source=email), you'll know where they came from. For more information on UTM parameters, check out this beginner's guide and Buffer's complete guide. UTM parameters can be overwritten, so if a user comes to your site firstly with utm_source=email but then comes again with utm_source=social and checks out, we'll remember the social one only.

Changing the cookie time

It's technically possible to change the time we remember this for from 6 months to something shorter or longer, by adding some custom code to your site through the functions.php file or a plugin like  Functionality. You can change the 90 below to however many days you'd like the cookies to last.

Change how long it remembers the Referrer:

add_filter( 'metorik_referer_cookie_time', 'mtk_custom_referer_cookie_time' );
function mtk_custom_referer_cookie_time() {
    return 3600 * 24 * 90; // 90 days

Change how long it remembers the UTM Params:

add_filter( 'metorik_utm_cookie_time', 'mtk_custom_utm_cookie_time' );
function mtk_custom_utm_cookie_time() {
    return 3600 * 24 * 90; // 90 days