Cart Recovery Emails

After enabling cart tracking and seeing all the abandoned carts you're receiving, you'll probably want to create some cart recovery emails! Metorik's cart recovery emails are powered by the  Metorik Engage feature, and all emails will come directly from your store's email address.

To get started, go to the  Cart Recovery Emails page. You'll see something like this:

If you click the Create button, we'll create a few cart recovery emails automatically for you. They will not be live straight away, so don't be scared to click that button.

If you'd prefer to craft your own cart recovery emails from scratch and are already familiar with building Engage automations, feel free to click the Manually Create Email button instead.

After clicking the Create button, you'll find 3 new cart recovery emails waiting for you:

By default, they are the following:

  • Abandoned Carts - Email #1: Sent 1 hour after a cart is abandoned.
  • Abandoned Carts - Email #2: Sent 1 day after a cart is abandoned.
  • Abandoned Carts - Email #3: Sent 3 days after a cart is abandoned.

Click the Finish setting up... link and you'll be able to edit the email.


When you configure the cart audience, you can choose how long after a cart is considered abandoned, the email should be sent:


On the message page, you can compose the email that will be sent to abandoned carts. If you've never created an Engage automation before, you may want to check out the  Engage - Building an Automation docs and video.

You have access to a number of variables you can use to customise your email:

Components are also a great way to make the email stand out:

Play around with them all and use the Preview button to see what the email will look like. If you have any ideas for other variables or components that would be useful, please send us a message and let us know.


You can also configure discounts to include with cart recovery automations -  more on Engage discounts here. We will automatically include the discount code and apply it to their cart when recovering it if you use the {cart_checkout_button} component.

If you were using the {recovery_url} variable to get a recovery URL, you can add &coupon={discount} to it in order to include the discount automatically. For example:


Let us know if you need a hand with this, as it can be a bit tricky the first time you use all of these variables and components together.


Finally on the last step, you can activate the cart recovery email. Once that's done, cart recovery emails will automatically be sent to matching abandoned carts going forward. You can always pause an automation at any time.


Each cart recovery email has its own stats page, where you can see the number of emails sent, what % are opened/clicked on, how many conversions (recoveries) you had from the email, and more.

About Conversions / Recoveries

Read more  here.

Changing the recovery URL

By default, after the cart is restored for the customer, it will take them straight to the checkout page.

If you have a custom checkout page that uses a different URL or perhaps want to take them to the cart page instead, you can customise the recovery URL using the metorik_recover_cart_url filter. For example, this code, added to your functions.php or similar, would make it go to the cart:

add_filter('metorik_recover_cart_url', 'mysite_metorik_recover_custom_url');<br>function mysite_metorik_recover_custom_url() {<br>    return '';

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