Applying a generic coupon code in cart recovery links

When you're sending cart recovery emails to customers, you have the option to generate a unique dynamic coupon code and include it with every email sent. Better yet, that coupon will be automatically applied to a customer's cart when they click the recovery link.

But what if you just want to apply a generic coupon code to everyone's recovered cart?

For example, you go into WooCommerce's coupons are and create a 20% coupon with the code RECOVERMYCART. Now whenever customers click the cart recovery link in an email sent by Metorik Engage, you want to apply that coupon automatically.

To do that, all you need to do is use the {recovery_url} Engage variable and then add the coupon code to the end of it:

For WooCommerce


For Shopify


Where RECOVERMYCART is the coupon code that should be automatically applied.

For example, here we're adding a button with a link like this to the email's message for a WooCommerce store:

So the recovery URL will include the coupon RECOVERMYCART and when the cart is recovered, it will apply that coupon to the customer's cart.

Any issues setting this up? Let us know and we can definitely help.

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