Billing for Multiple Stores

Metorik's billing system is designed to ensure you pay less, so you have more money for your other business expenses.

Simple billing for multiple stores

One company can have multiple stores, each with their own settings, teams, and reports. So for example the company 'Dogs R Us' may have the stores:


Each of these stores will be completely separate except but can still share the same billing plan, under their parent company 'Dogs R Us'. The subscription price for Metorik will be determined by the total monthly order volume of all the stores in a company.

An important limit here is that a single company cannot have stores from multiple 'platforms'. So if a company has WooCommerce stores in it, it cannot also have Shopify stores (and visa versa).

An example of how Metorik's billing works

Parent Company: Dogs R Us.

  • Store 1 - 200 orders/month.
  • Store 2 - 1,000 orders/month.
  • Store 3 - 600 orders/month.

Total: 1,800 orders/month.

Dogs R Us is therefore charged $100/month (or $160/month with Engage) for the 3 stores' combined order volume (rather than being charged $50/month and & each being charged $100/month - totaling $250/month).

Billing for Shopify stores

When a Shopify store subscribes to Metorik, the billing must go through a single Shopify store and will be added to the store's monthly Shopify billing.

If you have multiple Shopify stores in one company, you'll be given the choice of which store to make your primary billing store when subscribing:

Once subscribed, it will not be possible to delete the primary billing store without ending the subscription, as the subscription is locked to this store.

Please contact us for assistance if you need to delete this store but want to keep your subscription.

Note: Each company can only have one owner. If you need to transfer ownership of a company to another user on Metorik, check our Transferring Company/Store Ownership Doc.

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