WooCommerce: Why do I need the Metorik Helper plugin?

When you add a store to Metorik, you're prompted to install the  Metorik Helper WordPress plugin. So, what is it, and why do you need it?

  1. Performance - WooCommerce's API is pretty good, but can be slow for big stores. The Metorik Helper plugin fixes some of those issues so that when Metorik's talking to your site, it's fast and not making slow calculations.
  2. Syncing - Behind the scenes, Metorik gets notified whenever something happens in your store through a WooCommerce feature called 'webhooks'. These are pretty great, but aren't 100% reliable, so the Metorik Helper plugin provides a couple other ways to get 'missing' and 'out of date' data - learn more about syncing.
  3. Tracking a customer's source & UTM tags - Whenever someone goes to your store and makes an order, Metorik will try to figure out where they came from and keep track of it. Additionally, if UTM parameters are set in the URL, Metorik will remember those. This makes the 'sources' report possible, that you can view here.
  4. Cart tracking and recovery - Metorik tracks all of your store carts and allows carts to be recovered (optional - only if enabled from Metorik) - learn more about cart tracking.

Without the Metorik Helper plugin, your store will likely be missing data in Metorik, so it's highly recommended (and likely required) that you keep it installed and active. If you have any questions or concerns about it, please send us a message.

PS. The Metorik Helper plugin is completely open-source -  check it out on GitHub.

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