Does Metorik work with multiple stores?

Metorik offers full support for multiple eCommerce stores β€” both WooCommerce and Shopify. That means if you operate both a WooCommerce and a Shopify store, you will be able to access them both from your Metorik account.

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WooCommerce multistore

Owners who operate multiple WooCommerce stores might have their stores configured in a number of different formats:

  • Using the Woomultistore plugin.
  • Using multiple WordPress/WooCommerce installs. Either on the same server or on different servers.
  • Using WordPress Multisite with multiple WooCommerce sites within it.

We are happy to say that Metorik will work in any of these setups. 

Billing for multiple stores is also very easy - check out our help doc on it for more information.

Adding a new store

You can add a new store from the top-left dropdown:

Or from your account settings:

In either case, just click Add a store, and follow the setup process.

Or you can just click here.

Switching between stores

Once you have more than one store connected, you will be able to easily switch between stores from your one Metorik account. Just head back to the dropdown in the top-left corner and click on a store to switch to it.

Multistore dashboard

Metorik allows you to quickly view a summary of all your stores (even WooCommerce and Shopify stores combined) from one dashboard - we have aptly named it the 'multistore dashboard'. To access it, click the Multistore Dashboard button from the top-left dropdown (or click here):

From the multistore dashboard, you can quickly see key stats about each of your stores, and actually see some combined metrics for any given period:

If you want to look at one store's reports individually, just click on the store name and we will automatically switch you to that store and take you to the dashboard for it. 

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