WooCommerce: Sending receipts with Engage

Using Metorik Engage, you can easily send order receipts to your customers.

To do this:

1. Start by going to the automations page.

2. Click the new automation button and choose from template:

2. Select the order marked processing template:

Depending on the flow of your order fulfilment (eg. if your orders are completed right away because they are downloads), you could use the order completed template instead.

3. On the message tab, you will see that a receipt template has already been populated:

Feel free to add to or edit the text, or add any other variables and components.

4. Click the preview button to see that the actual email receipt will look like:

Or send yourself a test email:

5. Once you're happy with the message, go to the last step and click activate automation. Receipts will start sending to new orders right away.

We'd recommend disabling the default order processing email from your WooCommerce admin.

Shopify Customers

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't let you disable the order confirmation email; as such, you will need to keep sending this through Shopify. We would recommend editing the template to include a minimal amount of information β€” and then sending follow up emails via Engage. For example, perhaps you might want to send an email containing some information about the product in the order β€” this can be sent through Engage.

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