Can I add a staging store?

When you first try out Metorik, you may be a bit hesitant to immediately connect it your live store. That's totally okay - we're paranoid too! Sometimes it pays to be safe and connect new services to a staging site first. By staging site, we meant a test environment/version of your store (not the live store that customers order from). Some hosting companies will offer this as a feature, so you may already be familiar with the concept.

You can definitely start by adding your staging store to Metorik. Once you're satisfied that you want to connect Metorik to your live store, you have 2 options:

  1. Change the domain of your store in Metorik from the staging site domain to the live store (ie: to After doing that, go to the connection settings and test the connection - you'll probably need to reconnect it. If you do this and then there are duplicate/multiple orders in Metorik, contact us so we can clean it up for you.
  2. Delete the staging store from your company settings (we have a walkthrough on how to delete a store from your Metorik account). Then add your live store.

If you want to have both your staging store and your live store connected to Metorik at the same, that's okay too as you can have multiple stores under one Metorik subscription. It may be an issue though if your staging site increases the overall price of your Metorik subscription. If it looks like that's happening, contact us and we can check if we can keep you in a reduced price level.

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