How to add a custom segment to the dashboard

Adding your own custom segments to the dashboard can help you customise Metorik to the exact needs of your store.

To do this, you will first need to create and save a custom segment. Once the segment is saved, you can then add this as a card on your dashboard (like any other KPI or segment).

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Creating a custom segment

1. Head to one of your segmenting pages. We are going to create a customer segment, so we will go to our customer segmenting page.

2. Stack as many filters as you need to achieve your desired custom segment. In this case, I want customers:

  • From the USA
  • That have spent over $100
  • And have purchased the records Sola or Varech

3. Click the save segment button and name your new custom segment. You can choose whether this segment will be visible just for you, or for the whole team:

That's all for the segmenting part. For more information on how to segment in Metorik, have a read of our segmenting doc.

Adding your custom segment to the dashboard

1. Head to your dashboard.

2. Click the customise button:

3. Click add new card (either at the top of the page or at the bottom):

4a.Choose either segment total (KPIs and metrics) or segment list (list of orders, customers etc...). For this example, I'm going to choose segment total.

4b. Choose which resource (customers in this case), then select the custom segment you just created from the list. 

4c. Choose whether the segment should use the top right dates as a filter (or whether it should be displayed for all time). For more information on this setting, have a read of this help doc.

4d. Choose whether to display all stats or just one stat.

5. Scroll back up to the top and click save. If you are creating a new custom dashboard for the first time, you will need to name it now.

6. You will now see your new custom segment saved as a card on your dashboard:

That's it, you have now successfully added a custom segment to the dashboard! For more information on customising the dashboard, have a read of Customising the Dashboard.

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